Infotrans Caribbean, founded in 1990 on Curaçao N.A., Dutch Caribbean, by Mr. B. Lindgren, a Swedish telecommunication consultant and Mr. E. Wolfert a teacher from Curaçao, initially focused on telecommunications and IT consultancy. They soon realized the lack of access to hard- and software on the local market and started to import, install and support technology equipment and thus becoming one of the first full service system integrators on the Island. Soon they entered into a partnership with leading brands such as HP, Cisco, Microsoft, VMWARE, Fortinet and many more. The relationship with HP is one of the first partnerships that Infotrans has entered into as reseller, repair center and support for their printer and computer lines of business.

Infotrans’ strategy has always been to engage best of breed vendors to bring the best solution possible to solve its customer’s complex needs. As a result of this we put the emphasis on training and certification of our sales, engineers and technicians to maintain a high-level of competitive advantage on the local market.

The focus and dedication that Infotrans has put into building a trusted relationship with its customers has proved to be a major key in its success. Now the leading system integrator and technology service provider in Curaçao, Infotrans, is expanding its business into neighboring countries such as Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Suriname.